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We knew that convincing hunters to trust Upwind Cu. O. R. E. Concealment (copper technology) wasn’t going to be an easy task because for so many years in this category many products don’t tell you what is in the bottle.  The bottom line is that our copper technology built into Upwind is tested, proven, and is the basis for several patents.

Testimony, not just theory!Wash-and-Spray-Combo

Upwind’s copper ion technology was originally developed to meet a need for industrial odor elimination. Some of the large tooling and machinery plants in the industrial Midwest had a serious issue with odors as a result of bacterial growth in the oils and grease used in production. Bacteria feed on oil, and then “off gas” a variety of odor compounds. In some cases the accumulation of odor created by bacteria would prevent plants from opening after weekend shutdowns. There was a dire need for something that would eliminate, not mask or encapsulate odor compounds, and be safe for plant workers.  The need for an industrial odor elimination agent was met when our chemist developed a unique copper complex that turned out to be the key to odor elimination. In addition to providing an economical solution to treat large amounts of industrial odors, our products are classified Non-Hazardous, and safe for human exposure.

Our copper technology is used in morgues to do battle with odors of decomposition, municipal waste treatment facilities, agricultural facilities where hogs, cattle, and chickens produce manure by the truckload, and oil/ gas exploration where sulfide gasses are a byproduct of drilling and transport.

The mechanism of eliminating odor compounds is initiated by the dissociation of our copper complex and controlled release of active copper ions. The active copper ions act as a catalyst for the oxidation of odor compounds. The unique ability to dissociate and provide active copper ions to catalyze oxidation reactions with odor compounds continuously.

100% Money Back Guaranteed copper_cat

If you honestly test our products hunting and you don’t agree, then contact our team about a refund on your investment. We stand behind this product 100% and there is absolutely no risk on your end to give us a try.

We guarantee our products effectiveness and are committed to your success! It’s that simple.

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  1. Justin Marvin
    1. Nick Sampson
  2. That sounds like it’s extremely effective If it works that good I think would take care of the sense that drives hunters crazy the whitetail nose

    1. Michael Schroeder
  3. Tom Morrison

    After watching deer sniffing me out while turkey hunting this year, this will be the solution this whitetail season. I know they didn’t see me as they stepped into the field. They stood for what seemed like forever, checking the wind. Wary, skittish, anxious in every step, they made their way to my decoys, stretching their necks to identify the strange odors emanating from the decoy. Suddenly, they stiffened, looked directly at me (have it on video) then bolted. I hadn’t moved in the 10 minutes while filming, yet they knew something wasn’t right. Sure, had this been deer season, one would have been down, but it was a yearling . . . imagine the trophy lost had this been the rut. I may not have even seen the beast. I’m for an UpWind success this season. Gotta make it happen!

    1. Michael Davis

      I can definitely relate to the situation you were in…. And as you said this season it’s gonna be all Upwind for me!! As much research that has gone into this copper ion, and what it was originally meant for, I am already more confident in Upwind then any other “cover scent” out there. Good luck this season sir!!

      1. I agree 100 percent, this product was designed to eliminate odors and not mask them. You cant simply cover one scent with another and expect to fool a whitetails nose you have to eliminate it.. With a 100 percent money back guarantee that tells me one thing …complete confidence in their product and that’s enough for me to throw my confidence and season into the wind… Upwind!

  4. Vicente Bolo
  5. Adam Doby
  6. i will be trying this stuff out this year . I’m very very serious about scent control . Nothing works every time but doing everything I can to eliminate any foreign odors increases my odds of success! I can’t wait to try these products out this fall .

  7. Tom Morrison

    New trail cam pics are coming in and showing a great whitetail crop for this coming season. Big boys that we saw only once last season are still here and getting bigger . . . good to see.

  8. Dustyn Tyer
  9. Jeremy Freeman
  10. Wayne Hayes
  11. Jason Sharp
  12. Wayne Hayes
  13. Michael Lenser
  14. Anthony Zink
  15. Brian Kessell
  16. Chance Parker

    Scent control is of top priority to me, which is why I’m going to use upwind this year as it seems it is also their top priority! This product will definitely step my game up this year!

    1. Chris Carlson

      I think it will for a lot of us also. I had a great experience with it yesterday (Sept 25) and was sold immediately when a doe was downwind and had no clue I was there. She’s in the freezer now!

  17. Mike Burks
  18. Michael Lenser
  19. Michael Davis
  20. Dustin Sperlich
  21. Kyle Stearman
  22. Michael Lenser
  23. Arlen Butler
  24. Bill Geibel
  25. Jase Thacker
  26. Michael Lenser
  28. Michael Davis

    Donnie McDowell I would love to hear some feedback from you on your opinions and how you feel the upwind products performed. We also take scent control very serious and a lot of folks think we are crazy when they see how we treat scent control, what our hunting clothes, seats, packs, bow slings etc come out of scent crusher containers, then get rewashed resprayed and treated for uv again before and after they come out of the scent crusher containers in vacuum sealed packs…. Would just like to hear what other hunters think that are very serious about scent control! Thanks!!

  29. Austin Weisz

    If you want the advantage over one of the most weary noses in hunting chois upwind if your not completely satisfied with a the results you get a complete refund. There isn’t any other company on the market that is that confident in there products. If you don’t own thousands of acres or don’t have the money to go on outfitted hunts all the time you need a good reliable scent eliminator that you can trust is going to keep you concealed when you do get your shits on a deer you worked so hard for make the switch and you won’t be dissapointed

  30. Charles Augello
  31. Tyler Schmitz
  32. David Jones
  33. Michael Davis

    After a few weeks of using upwind we have noticed a difference in even the trail cam pics. We have always been very cautious about spraying down ourselves our equipment including the cameras, but we always seemed to get a day or to lull after checking cameras at each setup. Since switching to upwind that lull is gone, it’s like we got over on there 6th sense that we were there!!! They don’t stop posing in front of the cams, come on September 10th!!!!

    1. Chris Carlson
  34. Chris Parker
  35. Bill Geibel
    1. Chris Carlson

      I bought the spray, laundry detergent, and hair and body wash. Used it once, killed a doe that was downwind of me for 10-15 minutes before she came close enough for a shot. I was convinced after one use.

  36. Greg McDonald
  37. Dylan Murphy
  38. Tom Bingenheimer
  39. Kenny Slater
    1. Chris Carlson

      I had that same thought when I used it. There was no lingering “after scent.” I’ve used countless other sprays and they all seem to have it. UpWind is the first I’ve used to not have that weird after spray odor. Definitely impressed so far!

  40. Chris Carlson
    1. Chris Carlson

      Got my order Saturday afternoon, used it Sunday morning and shot a doe at like 6:30am. She was standing right where my wind was blowing and had no clue I was there, no idea what-so-ever. Shot her at 22 yards and have it on video! I’m convinced!

  41. Curt Sheets
  42. Curt Sheets

    Not to mention, this is my first year taking my son Hunting. He is as excited as I am about it . Thanks to upwind I am pretty sure it’s gonna be a blast for him. We will be able to get him up close right in the action. #UPWIND

  43. Hal Traxler

    My shipment came in yesterday and I can’t wait to try it out this weekend. My wife, 2year old daughter and 11 week old son plan on sitting in a ground blind with me Sat evening so I’ll need all the help I can get!!

  44. Chris Carlson
  45. Derrick Robinson
  46. Dale Ferguson
    1. Chris Carlson
  47. Curt Sheets
    1. Chris Carlson
  48. Dale Ferguson
  49. Allen Cook
  50. Ryan Reiter
  51. Tyler Scherder

    Im excited to get the product in the mail and try it out. Its been excessive temperature wise here in Missouri but we are expecting a cool front tomorrow night. This company is amazing and the fact that they stand behind their products 100%

  52. Kenneth Maslowski
  53. Stony Floyd
    1. Chris Carlson
  54. Curt Sheets
    1. Chris Carlson
  55. Stephan Webb
  56. Nick Beutler

    I can tell you as a user of this product it works, used it on all of my sits in the past 4 days, had deer all around me, some came in down wind, some stayed down wind and fed. They never knew I was there.

  57. Chris Carlson
  58. Curt Sheets
    1. Chris Carlson
  59. Curt Sheets
  60. James (Jim) Batch

    Can’t wait to try out my new scent control system this weekend. If it’s as good as everyone says, I’ll be posting a picture of the deer walking around me as I try a choose which one is going to the recipient of my carbon express maximum hunter arrow with the rage broadulhead on it!

    1. Chris Carlson
  61. James (Jim) Batch
    1. Chris Carlson
  62. Stephan Webb
    1. Chris Carlson
  63. Stephan Webb
  64. Tyler Farmer & Michael Teague
  65. Ethan Cline
  66. Brandon Walker
  67. Ken Andrews
  68. Austin Weisz
  69. Seth Wright

    Good items! I use these in conjunction wtih an ozone bag with my gear in it and my first hunt trying it we sat up on a field edge in west-central Indiana coyote hunting in the snow in 0 degree temps. We sat the call about 50 yards out in the field with the wind in our face (thinking everything downwind would be spooked by our noise walking and our scent blowing in the woods in the 15 mph winds). One hit on the call and 30 seconds later my first coyote came screaming out the woods from behind us running towards the call. It never knew we were there until I shot it. Coyotes have a great sense of smell, and Upwind helped me capitalize on my first coyote kill.

  70. Curtis Brummett

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