First Field Test

The First Test in the Field…

Years ago we set out to field test the copper technology, but this time as hunters.  If our technology worked against a variety of odors in industrial and healthcare markets, it should have no problem concealing our scent identity in the woods. We took our copper hunting!Charged-Copper-Logo_transparent1


The first formulation and test was a hunt that took place in Ross Township, Ohio. While hunting whitetail’s from the base of a tree along the Great Miami River, something unexpected happened. Two coyotes trotted in from the downwind trail, totally unaware of the presence of two hunters concealed with the new copper product. Coyotes are masters of discerning the various scents that flow through the woodlands and would most certainly be aware of our presence. We were sitting “upwind” from the coyotes and knew this would be a real test of how well our copper technology worked. The coyotes were completely unaware as they sniffed their way past where we were sitting. It was at this point we realized our copper technology would be a game changer for hunters who wanted to conceal themselves from wild game.

coyote mount

After the hunt, on the way to the taxidermist to drop off a coyote, based on what had occurred it was decided to call our new field spray with our copper ion technology, Upwind®.

“We had proof in the back of the truck that Upwind worked. Another great hunting product was born, Hunt Upwind, Hunt Down Odors!.”


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  1. Dustin Blanton

    Dylan Etgen (a fellow staff member @Upwind) and I also had a similar experience hunting yotes on the ranch. It gives us the opportunity to hunt anywhere regardless of the wind direction.

  2. Tom Morrison

    When we call our yotes and foxes, the action is often times quick and close given the terrain. We cannot afford to leave scent/odor detection to chance as the wind swirls amid creeks, hills and swales. UpWind should eliminate hunt failures in our close encounters. Predator hunting is my favorite hunting and our eastern coyotes are mostly nocturnal so we have to make the most of slim opportunities. Time to spray down!

    1. Brandon Walker
  3. Vicente Bolo
  4. Tom Morrison

    winter wheat is now coming off the fields and with the farmers doing the combining, the dinner bell is ringing for yotes & foxes to come out for an easy meal. We’ll be in the field tonight to catch them coming in for the clean up. Can’t wait.

  5. Issac Wilkins
  6. Wayne Hayes
  7. Chance Parker
    1. Michael Davis
  8. Brian Kessell
  9. Austin Weisz
  10. Michael Davis
  11. Jeremy Freeman
  12. Jeana Mitchell
  13. Dustin Sperlich
  14. Kyle Stearman
  15. Arlen Butler
  16. Darrell Summers
  17. Michael Lenser
  18. Charles Augello
  19. Tyler Schmitz
  20. David Jones
  21. Heath Clay

    Since I started using upwind, I have out smarted the most powerful noses in the woods. No exception but the truth with incredible sense of smell Deer coyotes and wild pigs have. Fooling them has become easy with UPWIND!

  22. David Jones
  23. Charles Reynolds
  24. Eric Atwell

    When I go off grid, I like to keep my head in the hunt. Having to worry about scent control is just one less thing that I want to keep in the back of your mind. I haven’t had the chance to use this product yet but I am looking forward to giving it a shot. Great post!

  25. Barry Layne

    Since Po Boyz started using Upwind, we have killed more coyotes. Even with sweat dripping off our noses we were able to kill three on a hot summer night. Upwind has changed the game in scent elimination. Camo is for the eyes, Upwind is for their nose.. and if you can fool a coyotes nose its game over.

  26. Bill Geibel
  27. Cole Osborne
  28. Greg McDonald
    1. Chris Carlson
  29. Aaron Shrives
  30. Tom Bingenheimer
  31. Chris Carlson
    1. Chris Carlson

      Used the spray for the first time Sunday morning (Sept 25th) and shot a nice doe. I’ve used other products and have been busted countless times when deer get downwind, but she had no clue I was there. UpWind was probably the difference. Impressive!

  32. Guy Jackson
  33. Curt Sheets
  34. Curt Sheets
  35. Curt Sheets
  36. Butch Lehman
  37. Chris Carlson
  38. Chris Carlson
  39. Derrick Robinson
  40. T.J. Mitchell
  41. Curt Sheets
    1. Chris Carlson
  42. Allen Cook
    1. Chris Carlson
  43. Colin Brown
    1. Chris Carlson
  44. Hal Traxler
  45. Tyler Scherder
    1. Chris Carlson
  46. Stony Floyd
  47. Michael Schroeder
    1. Chris Carlson
      1. Michael Schroeder

        Shot a buck at 5 yards from a natural ground blind I put up the same day. I’d say the stuff works. Also sprayed it in a pair of boots that stink like a land fill. No more smell to those boots. I’m hooked for life on this stuff!!!

        1. Chris Carlson
  48. Curt Sheets
  49. Michael Bernhart
  50. Joshua Mullins
  51. Brad Sullivan
    1. Chris Carlson
  52. Thomas Adams
  53. Stephan Webb
  54. Chris Carlson
  55. Jason Lambert

    Upwind Products is something new for myself for the fall of 2016, and I am very impressed with the products. I use this stuff every day even if I’m not hunting for my showers etc. I’ve had plenty of deer enter dead down wind several times so far this fall and never spooked. Very thankful to be using upwind and apart of the upwind nation. Great products I highly recommend them.

    1. Chris Carlson
  56. Tyler Scherder
  57. Seth Peterson

    Had a great PA archery season. Didn’t come out with the trophy I was looking for, but had multiple deer come in under 10 yards and had no idea I was there. They were sniffing around and never once picked me up thanks to this great product.

  58. Chase Thompson
  59. Ethan Cline
  60. Larry May
  61. Brad Allen
  62. Michael Davis

    Along with using the best scent elimination which would be upwind for whitetails, and predator hunting we also use it for turkey, squirrel and small game hunting, we truly believe that since we are now trapping and small game hunting on our whitetail lease that Upwind has made the difference in continuing to see whitetail activity in the same area as always. Upwind has earned our trust 100% which is saying a lot, we were always very sceptical about scent elimination products until we used Upwind. Thanks to the folks that put in all the hard work to provide such an unbelievable product!!

  63. Michael Davis

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