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What you need to know about odor elimination!

ODOR – An odor or fragrance is caused by one or more volatilized chemical compounds, generally at a very low concentration, that humans or other animals perceive by their sense of smell. It is how we perceive these compounds with our sense of smell that define an odor.  ODORLESS – Chemical compounds that are not perceived as odor.

The odors that hunters are concerned with can be classified into some broad categories:
Hydrogen Sulfide / Mercaptan: The rotten egg smell. Bacteria are the main source for hydrogen sulfide odors. Bacteria liberate hydrogen sulfide from sulfur-containing amino acids. Sulfide odors can be detected at very low concentrations.
Ammonia: Pungent strong urine smell
Skatoles: Pungent odor with flowery hint, think of rotting garbage.

The chemical structure of an odor molecule is what makes them detectable as odors. Odor elimination is a chemical transformation process that results in a molecule that is undetectable as odor. Upwind’s patented technology completes the transformation of odor molecules into odorless molecules rapidly and continuously.
Human Scent Identitypro staff cassie dean, trophy pursuit
The human scent identity is comprised of a variety of different odor producing chemical compounds.
Our skin, hair, gland secretions, nutrition, medications, clothing, genetics, gender, and what we come into contact with in our daily routines collectively define our scent identity. Odor compounds produced by bacteria present on our bodies, clothing, and everywhere around us also contribute to our scent identity. Keep in mind, bacteria themselves do not stink, however the gasses they produce do stink.
Scent Detection
It has been said that a human smells dinner cooking, but a dog smells every ingredient in the dinner.
Big game can detect multiple odors simultaneously in seconds. Big game can interpret, process, and associate odors with their environment quickly and can specifically pick out a human’s scent identity.  As hunters, we know the ability of big game to detect our scent is extremely sensitive, and much stronger, faster, and more accurate at scent detection than ours.
Factors that influence scent detection include:
-Distance / proximitybackground_staff_old
-Concentration and density of the odor
-Type and consistency of the odor
-Temperature of the air and of you
-Humidity can influence scent detection
-Elevation – thermal air currents transport odors
-Wind speed, direction, and swirls
-Age and experience of the big game animal
So how can we reduce big game’s ability to detect our scent?
“The most effective way to conceal your scent is to eliminate the odor compounds that define your scent identity.”  Here are some of the ways we can reduce big game’s ability to detect our scent.
Target Bacteria
One approach to reduce scent is to kill, capture or encapsulate the bacteria that produce odor compounds. Many enzyme and bio-control products are designed to target bacteria. Enzymes consume bacteria, biocides and sanitizers are designed to kill bacteria.
Some metal ions such as ions of copper are toxic to bacteria. In fact, copper surfaces are now being used in hospital surgery rooms to prevent the spread of infection. Copper infused textiles have also been shown to prevent bacteria from replicating.  A bacterial approach effectively reduces some of the odor compounds that define our scent identity. However, the odors that define our scent go beyond bacterial odors.
Target Odors
Another approach is target compounds that are detected as odor.
Common approaches that target odor compounds include:
-Masking or covering odors: Pine, apple, and earth cover scents, coon urine, doe urine, etc.
-Encapsulate, adsorb, trap or filter odor compounds: Carbon, Zeolite, and other natural compounds
-Oxidation of odor compounds. Peroxides, baking soda, bleaches, and quite a few other oxidation technologies use oxygen to transform odor molecules into odorless molecules. These oxidation technologies are consumed in the reaction and offer limited effectiveness against large amounts of odors.
So what works best for hunters?
Consider something controversial, Hunters should not be concerned with bacterial control, we should target odors. Big game cannot detect bacteria, but they can detect their odor.
Methods that target bacteria do effectively reduce bacteria and thereby reducing odor production. However, bacteria can be killed off, but they will return. Even doctors admit the use of hand sanitizer to eliminate bacteria is short lived and bacteria return often within minutes. Bacteria are smart, and they adapt quickly to what harms them. Methods to reduce bacteria do work, but to what degree is likely negligible. Don’t aim for the bacteria, target the odors they produce.

So let’s move on and target odorjohns ohio buck color upwind
Approaches that cover, mask, encapsulate, adsorb, filter, or trap odors do not chemically change or restructure odor compounds into odorless compounds. Eventually these odor compounds will return and once again be detectable.  Oxidation, which changes the chemical structure of an odor compound, is a very effective way eliminating odor. Once an odor compound is oxidized it will not return as a detectable odor.  Consider the oxidation of an odor compound, hydrogen sulfide with a peroxide compound: Hydrogen Sulfide(Odor) + Hydrogen Peroxide -> Elemental Sulfur(Odorless) + Water H2S + H2O2 → S0 + 2H2O
The oxidation process is similar to “airing out” your hunting gear, in doing so you are making oxygen available to complete oxidation reactions and eliminate odor.

Upwind® Copper Ion Technology
The core component of the Upwind system of odor elimination products is our copper ion technology.  The mechanism of eliminating odor compounds is initiated by the dissociation of our copper ion complex that results in a controlled release of active copper ions. As active copper ions are released they work as a catalyst for the oxidation of odor compounds. This unique ability to dissociate and provide active copper ions to catalyze oxidation reactions with odor compounds is the key to odor elimination.  The unique properties of our copper ion complex have been the basis for several patents in the United States and Worldwide.  Unlike other oxidation technologies that are consumed in the oxidation reaction, our copper ion technology works as an oxidation catalyst to continuously eliminate odors. Put another way, our copper ion technology causes a continually repeating process of rapid chemical combination of oxygen molecules present in the air with odor causing molecules, changing them to odorless compounds.

What separates Upwind® and provides value for Hunters?
Upwind’s unique ability to target odors and accelerate oxidation reactions that eliminate odor compounds. In addition to faster more efficient oxidation, Upwind’s technology provides active copper ions to work as an oxidation catalyst long after initial application.Super-Slam-Combo
Unlike other metal complexes, Upwind’s copper ion complex can dissociate and free up large amounts of active free copper ions. Other metal complexes, metal additives, and metal enhanced fabrics, often provide little if any free metal ions due to their inability to dissociate and provide a free, reactive form of metal ion.
What do I get with Upwind® that I don’t get with others?
• Upwind goes beyond bacterial odors, we target all sources and a wide spectrum of odors
• Permanent odor elimination, odors do not return once the oxidation reaction is complete
• Fast acting, rapid oxidation, accelerated process
• Catalytic oxidation means continuous reaction long after initial application
• Odorless formula, Unscented, we are not a cover up, product has no odor of its own.
• Safe, biodegradable, Non-Toxic
• Unlike other metal complexes, Upwind’s copper ion complex is non-irritating to skin
• Unlike other metal formulas, fabrics and additives, Upwind’s copper ion technology provides copious amounts of free reactive copper ions

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  1. Josh Lakey
  2. Elias Gesell

    The best part of this system is the fact you can read what is in the bottle! Also there is no smell in the bottle which in turn makes more sense that this product is actually doing a=what is says it will do, eliminate odors.

    1. Chris Carlson
  3. Vicente Bolo
  4. Jason Hall
  5. Tom Morrison

    HUNT519 hunt in a highly populated area of sw ontario and because of this you’d think the whitetail would be a little more immune to the scent/odor of man … not so. They may not be startled and wait to search the fields a little but those noses find us in areas that whitetail prefer to make themselves scarce in. They see farmers, families and joggers as not a threat, but when they and/or smell someone in a hedgerow or in a tree on the bushline then there’s a problem. UpWind can put that discovery and heightened awareness to rest. Should be a more successful season than the last few if I can ‘disappear’ in the hedgerows and bushlines.

    1. Chris Carlson

      That’s a real good explanation Tom. Deer do get de-sensitized so to speak if they smell people in areas they don’t consider “sacred.” But odors in their home/places they feel safest are not good to them.

  6. Jordan Philpott
  7. Adam Doby

    These big Kentucky bucks aren’t going to know what hit them. I can’t wait to try this stuff out. I plan on getting some this weekend to help hide my scent checking trail cameras this summer.

    1. Casey Ward
  8. Jordan Philpott

    Been using it for checking cameras for about a month and have noticed that after checking the next time, there’s no interruption in movement like I had before going without. Proof to me this product works!

    1. Michael Davis

      Jordan, just to make sure I’m understanding correctly, your saying you had a slowdown or stop in pics right after you checked your cams before using upwind. And now after a month of using it your seeing no interruption at all when checking your cams? I’m asking because we run cams all year long in different areas, and we get what I call our lull, somewhere around 24-36hrs before cams start being active again. Thanks for any help and God bless!

  9. Casey Kowalski
    1. Arlen Butler
  10. Randy Sexton

    Josh, you will undoubtedly be impressed with upwind. It’s without a doubt the best scent elimination product available. Good luck to you. Can’t wait to see pics of your harvest

  11. Kelly Dishman

    Looking forward to use ing this product from food plot planting to running the trail cam line. Knowing what makes a product work goes along way in the application and the outcome of its use.
    I plan on treating every day like opening day by using upwind every time I step from the truck into the great outdoors. I will share my results with # upwindnation @rbkoutdoors.

  12. Joey Tyler

    I think this product will elevate hunting success for me and my fellow hunters here in Florida. The heat and humidity of the early season an issue no more…Upwind will allow us to hunt with confidence on even the hottest of days.

  13. Austin Weisz

    I’ve never had the success I’ve had until I started using these products. Get closer to game without them even getting a whiff of you best scent eliminator on the market hands down.

  14. Wayne Hayes
  15. Jason Sharp
  16. Chance Parker
  17. Anthony Zink
  18. Mike Burks
  19. Jeremy Freeman
  20. Michael Davis

    It amazes me how much research and science Upwind odor elimination puts into there products!! But that’s why it works and nothing compares to it, and I’m proud to say we use Upwind!!!

  21. Jeana Mitchell
  22. Dustin Sperlich

    How often to we put countless hours into preparation for the season, and at that moment we get sniffed out? Our chaos of life leaves us completely covered in scents of the day. It is important for us to realize how the science of Upwind creates a product to eliminate and control our day!

  23. Kyle Stearman
  24. Michael Lenser
  25. Jordan Philpott

    Michael, we have pictures year round. Mostly does but a few bucks here and there. To be honest, before Upwind, I would just got out and check cameras, never sprayed down or anything. The first few days after, no deer would come through, but after that they’d show back up. Never sure why until I started using Upwind before going to check stands and cameras! Now there’s no lull! Pictures keep rolling like normal, like I’d never been there!

  26. Bill Geibel
  27. Larry Mitchell

    I am looking forward to putting this scent control system to the test here in Ohio , where I hunt it is very hard to hunt the wind it seem to change dirrection every 30 minutes and swirling constently so looking forward to hunting these Ohio bruisers from Upwind .

  28. Jase Thacker
  29. Michael Lenser
  30. Charles Augello
  31. Tyler Schmitz
  32. David Jones
  33. Eric Lance

    As a biologist I am in the woods all the time, and all year long managing habitat here in Ohio. Scent control is very important to me all year long, and during every phase of management activities that I am involved in. Using this product I have seen a noticeable difference compared to other products that I have tried. Thanks for the great product UpWind!

  34. Arlen Butler
  35. Jeremy Freeman
  36. Michael Lenser
  37. Ken Andrews
  38. Jase Thacker
  39. Im excited to put Upwind to the test have tryed about every thing on the market i beleave this company is on to something great !!

  40. Dustin Mills
    1. Tyler Scherder
  41. Joshua Stirneman

    I am looking forward to putting these products to the test. Over the years I’ve used most everything and have been disappointed time after time. I am pleased that it doesn’t have a scent or leave any residue.

  42. Ryan Bateman
  43. Bill Geibel
  44. Seth Peterson
  45. Ken Moine

    OMG! I would love to have something like that walk out in front of me. But chances are if one did. I’d be so nervous i’d never get a shot off. Or I would be shaking so bad i’d miss by a mile.

  46. Greg McDonald
  47. I have been browsing online greater than 3 hours nowadays, yet I never found any interesting article like yours.
    It is lovely value enough for me. In my opinion, if all site owners and bloggers made just right
    content as you probably did, the net can be much more helpful than ever before.

  48. Rickey Rapier
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  50. Tom Bingenheimer
  51. Kyle Fugatt
  52. Chris Carlson
  53. Bill Markos

    Throwing down the scientific evidence of why something works is the best way to show people the truth in advertising for a product. Having the evidence of a bruiser buck that you took using said product… Priceless. It’s hard to argue results, especially one this awesome. Giant buck, congratulations.

  54. Matthew Lesmeister
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  73. Chris Carlson

    I’ve always been a big stickler for doing research into things so I’ve researched some other sprays I’ve used in the past and can’t find any that explain quite as well as Upwind does on how their product works. That alone speaks for itself.

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    I’ve been having great success. Had multiple deer downwind and within 10yds of my tree without spooking. Really like how there is absolutely no smell and no residue left when sprayed.

  89. Eric Daniels
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  91. Stephan Webb

    I’ll never use another product! I’ve been using Upwind for a couple months now and have had great success, I’ve had several come in to my plot from directly down wind of me. I shot a mature doe last week at 3yards this product is amazing

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    Started using the product at the end of deer season last year.. was amazed at the the affect that it had on the wildlife!!! Looking forward to really putting it to the test this season!!!

  103. Jackson Owen

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