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Scent Science

What you need to know about odor elimination! ODOR – An odor or fragrance is caused by one or more volatilized chemical compounds, generally at a very low concentration, that humans or other animals perceive by their sense of smell. It is how we perceive these compounds with our sense of smell that define an odor.  ODORLESS – Chemical compounds …

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First Field Test

The First Test in the Field… Years ago we set out to field test the copper technology, but this time as hunters.  If our technology worked against a variety of odors in industrial and healthcare markets, it should have no problem concealing our scent identity in the woods. We took our copper hunting!   The first formulation and test was …

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What’s in your bottle?

Trust Upwind® because we tell you what’s in the bottle! We knew that convincing hunters to trust Upwind Cu. O. R. E. Concealment (copper technology) wasn’t going to be an easy task because for so many years in this category many products don’t tell you what is in the bottle.  The bottom line is that our copper technology built into Upwind is tested, proven, …

Upwind Cu. O. R. E. Concealment

What is important, and differentiates Upwind’s copper ion technology from other formulations, is its ability to provide large amounts of free copper ions to work as an oxidation catalyst eliminating odor compounds. Working as an oxidation catalyst, copper ions rapidly and continuously eliminate odor compounds. Upwind runs on Copper which is Safe, Works Quickly, and is Completely Effective.